Beechwood Exchangeable Embroidery Hoop 7.3 inches or 185mm, 1 inch deep

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Keep your needlework and fabric stablised with a high quality Klass and Gessman

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Keep your needlework and fabric stabilised with a high quality Klass and Gessman wooden embroidery hoop.

This Beechwood Exchangeable Embroidery Hoop attaches to both the Beechwood Embroidery Sitting Stand and the Beechwood Embroidery Floor Stand.
This hoop measures 185mm (7.3 inch) diameter, and is 1 inch deep.

Beechwood embroidery hoops…
Good quality, beechwood hoops with brass fittings are manufactured in Germany and are superior to anything else on the market. The rings are made from laminated timber that is well finished and does not splinter.

The fittings are brass and much stronger than the cheaper metal fittings that are on inferior hoops. The tightening screw has a slot in the end that allows the hoop to be tightened with a screwdriver to achieve and maintain a drum tight surface.
It is advisable to bind the inner ring of the hoop as this will protect the fabric and stop it from sliding against the wood.

More information about hoops, their preparation, hoop uses, getting the most out of a hoop and other information can be found in the book, A to Z of Embroidery Stitches 2.

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