PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR ornament – Raised Embroidery kit


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PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR ornament – Raised Embroidery kit

The Ornament measure 10cm x 7.5cm wide (4” x 3”) exluding the tassle and hanging loop.


** INTERMEDIATE ** This an ideal project if you are familiar with the basics of raised embroidery and are looking for a small project that provides a little bit of a challenge.

The detailed, fully illustrated instruction will help guide you step by step through the project


A plump little partridge rests happily on the branch of a pear tree on this pear shaped little ornament.

The body of the partridge is embroidered as a separate piece, or slip, before being stitched in place over layers of felt padding. The slightly raised wing is created as a piece of needle-lace, then stitched in place over the top. The plump pear, ripe for the picking is also padded with felt and a simple wired leaf creates the final touch on this small piece of raised embroidery.


IN THIS KIT YOU WILL FIND everything you need to complete the project

* Ice blue silk dupion

* Quilter’s muslin for backing

* 2 pieces of cotton homespun

* 13 stranded silks

* Metallic thread

* 2 skeins of cotton

* 5 needles

* Glass beads Wool felt

* Wadding

* Beading wire

* Card templates

* Appliqué paper & plastic film



10cm (4”) embroidery hoop, inner ring bound

15cm (6”) embroidery hoop, inner ring bound

Light coloured sewing thread

Small pliers or old scissors for cutting wire

Baking (or tracing) paper

Dressmaker’s carbon paper

Stylus or empty ball point pen

Sharp HB lead pencil

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Dimensions 30 × 3 × 23 cm